Set HTML email signature for Google Gmail

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Gmail allows users to customize their signature which you may want to do so for a number of reasons. Instead of using a plain text signature, an HTML email allows you to showcase logo and embed a URL of your company. It takes five easy steps get the job done.

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  • Open the file by dragging it into the browser of your choice (e.g., Chrome, Safari, or Firefox).
  • Copy the signature by selecting the entire content (CTL + A) and copy (CTL + C). In some browsers, you may be able to Right Click > Select All and then Right Click > Copy.
  • Open Gmail settings: locate the Gear icon on the top right of the window. In the Dropdown menu, go to Settings.
  • Paste the HTML content: under the General tab, scroll down until you find the Signature section. Make sure that the Signature option is selected (not the No signature option). In the text editing area, paste the signature content (CTL + V), and hit the "Save Changes" button at the end of the Settings page.