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User Management

  • Can we change user default password setting?
No, this is how the original setup is done for all our schools. If someone logs into someone else's account (before they do), there is nothing for them to see. Just have people change their passwords when they first log in.
  • What the different between Login Password & Chair Password is?
The chair password is not for logging in - it's to gain access to "sensitive" areas after one logs in at the department level (just like the dean's password is not for logging in - it's to gain access to "sensitive" areas after one logs in at the college level.
  • We know that a manager doesn't have the same right as a chair, if a chair wants to be a manager, she has to create the different login for this role which is separated from her current status as a chair, correct?
  • Can we setup "admin" or "committee" user level that is sort of like Dean. These team members will work on checking credentials and evidence on Dean's behalf?
You can set up Managers (under Organizational Units) and assign faculty members to them.
  • Sedona allows the lists of Department, Discipline, and Program. Does it mean the member can have two supervisors and both can access his/her profile?
No, a faculty member has only one "Home" department; however, he/she will be able to teach in several departments if needed (this will be specified in the Uploaded teaching schedules).
  • Does the system allow only Dean to add a Manager?
Anyone logged in at the College level can add a Manager.
  • In manager menu, it says that Managers can maintain data but does not have permissions, what are the example example to this?
Managers only have access to enter data on behalf of the faculty members who you have assigned to the Managers. They don't have any administrative rights.


  • Are there any AACSB reporting system in Sedona?
Yes, there are several report templates in 2013 AACSB [Updated] under Reports menu. As of 2019, we have 2-1, 2-2, 15-1, 15-2, and A6.
  • Can we generate a list of published journal articles in APA format?
Yes, go to Articles & Presentations under Summaries tab. Change the Type drop-down list from Summary to Reference.

Lists Management

  • In the list of activities, there are two instances of Thesis / Dissertation - Chair & Co-Chair in 1. Service-Institution Activities [13 Activites], and 2. Teaching Activities [20 Activites]. What are the differences between these two?
How you categorize Thesis / Dissertation is up to you. Some school considers this as a teaching activity, while others consider it a service activity (you could even make an argument that it is a research activity). It is completely up to you, what make sense to you and to your mission.

System Configuration

  • In our initial data setup, we set all members' High Degree to Other. The member herself CANNOT change this, can Manager change this once we assign.
On the College Settings (Permissions tab), you can give Members the rights to change their high degree.