Office 365 user conference

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Office 365 user conference

Venue: Queen Sirikit National Convention Center Date: 3 Aug 2016

Organizer: Microsoft Thailand

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A. Dhirachat attended Office 365 user conference and shared with us what he learned as follows:

  • Cloud computing is a must, it is not option anymore since the economic of scale make the cost of using third party cloud service is smaller than investing in infrastructure tremendously.
  • For security issues, the risks of vendor steal information (Google, Microsoft Apple ... etc) are smaller than the risk that in-house officers compromise the system access and data.
  • Only sensitive information like HR, Salaries, School registrar may need to use in-house infrastructure.
  • International College of Chiangmai university change senior project from IS development to Internship and found out that the college is more suitable recruiting environment.
  • For better securities, there are Microsoft enterprise email like E5 that have built-in security features like email that cannot be forwarded, copied, downloaded and device-screen capture disabled.
  • Number of vendors provide topup services on Microsoft Cloud service, e.g. PoS, MIS, ERP or device-specific services like vehicles tracking.
  • "All the developed company use ERP.", คุณพรชัย รัตรตรัยภพ กรรมการผู้จัดการ บริษัท อินเตอร์โปรไฟล์
  • Yammer, Microsoft facebook-like service that limit your social network only in your company. Is the ideal for business use.
  • BI (Business Intelligent) is featured that differentiate successful and unsuccessful business. More than 90% of Startup businesses since 2008 are failed, surprisingly the successful one (Ookbee, Wongnai, Grab) all use BI ti catch up live performance of the services provide, e.g. how many people using App right now, how many people open Web page.
  • BYOD (Bring your own device) is popular now, at last, everyone can work with their own devices since the system is on the cloud IT infrastructure.
  • PowerBI, Delve (document management), Planner (Small version of Project Management) are ready in our university services.