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Although it seems unthinkable to hold live streaming of your class, this has been done before. During a snow day in Memphis, Candous Brown held a class on Facebook Live. A few good tips about go Live are:

  • Make it in a closed group (e.g., LINE group or Facebook group)
  • Make it interactive. If you have a phone placed on the table and you are far off on the stage, make sure to have another designated student help monitor the live session where other students join online are posting questions and comments in real-time. For example, during our MIS first orientation in 2019, our alumna joined our session via Skype, she also asked her friend to come to the venue to check if our new students have any questions.
Jutamas Tiabjariyawat during her live session
  • Bring in a pro! Invite an expert to chat with your students in real-time.
  • Check if your live session could be archived. This is particularly useful if you want to keep your lecture for future use.