Best practice to get a good response rate in an online evaluation

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As we move closer toward paperless workplace (and campus), we see how the transition from analog to digital can sometimes be tricky.

MIS department has piloted online class evaluation since 2/2018 semester and we enjoy the benefit of getting data quickly and effortlessly since. However, we wonder how effective it was. One of the important factors we care about in an online survey is the response rate. So we dig into the historical data to compare with our 2/2018 results.

Here's what we found.

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We then asked instructors who received a high response rate during the pilot and distilled these tips as best practices in conducting an online class evaluation.

  1. Evaluation is better when conduct after class
  2. Direct students to the questionnaire via URL or QR
  3. Ask them to leave the “confirmation message” screen when they complete the evaluation, so you can check outside the classroom
  4. Proceed to wait for the students outside of the classroom
  5. Check the screen of their mobile phone to see the "confirmation message"

Other tips: Pick the day most students show up, or allow those who were absent during the first round to complete the evaluation again. Remember, you only need to show them the QR code :)