MSME Student Experience Survey (SES) 1/2023

Dear student – we want to hear from you. We were hoping you could address your concerns, and the instructor adjusts teaching accordingly. Also, the governing body (i.e., dean and chairpersons) can use this survey result to inform the overall program performance.

This survey collects your ID and the course you enroll in to ensure your status. But we will remove your identity before reporting to the instructors.

Would you please help us help you in your journey at MSME?

Note: This service is to evaluate courses offered by MSME only.

Validity Period (MSME & DDI) = 10/09/2023 - 13/10/2023

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Response Rate = 33.2393%
For inquiries, please contact
Quality Assurance Center, Martin de Tours School of Management and Economics
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